Somedays I sit back and laugh at the world imagined,

because all in all, we are just clay burnt to ashes

Addict of activism, self-esteemed romanticism.

Picking out the negative when it’s the positive that will make you.

A trait that makes you cling to, dependence in every issue.

I wish to dismiss the negative thoughts that got you,

I got you, let’s ride to. Free our minds and try to,

Grasp the world inside of the you, the life we live a module.

An impossible obstacle, the top of the Stockholm,

death when he can’t roam. Breath when there is no home.

The atheist, anarcho-communistic mysticism,

A reclamation of Walden in a twist.

I want to see the rest of my life in happiness.

Not the innocent manipulating, propaganda targeting,

see the world arguing, marching for autonomy,

the stress that builds inside of me, stop acting like it’s only me.

* I do not own the rights to the instrumentals, they are just to compliment the lyrics *

On The Run

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