The Tunnels Left Within

I began writing The Tunnels Left Within in September ’13 when I finally could no longer support my thoughts. Years of repression flooded out of me and began to take control of my life. The gate opened, and out flowed the sorrow and discomfort I held back  forcefully for so long. I admit, this feeling took ahold of me for nearly two years. As I wrote each section, I felt that I could see a bit clearer in what was going on with myself. I knew what I had to grasp, but time wouldn’t allow it just yet. I had to patiently wait until I was ready to take the next step. I stopped the train of thought on this piece June 11th, and redirected it to the breadth of travel. This dark and intense script was what I felt in the waiting game until transit. I was stuck between two worlds, at two different times, and the knowledge of that is what drove these maddening thoughts. I was in limbo. It is unfinished and still heavily unedited.

I resumed writing this piece February ’16 when my mentality was forever changed. A new world opened up for me and I realized looking back how decrepit I had become by self intolerance. Love, travel and adventure has saved my life, my mind, my soul. I have been working on Part Two for almost two years.

Part Two

Part One

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