The Idea

A Gutted Bus :

The rubber floor of the bus has been removed, exposing the 3/4” plywood sheathing underneath. With the fiberglass walls peeled the framework of the bus is now visible. This view is the start for the blueprint drawing and design ideas. There is now the conceptualization of where and what can be mounted onto the walls and subfloor.

The total inside width of the floor measures 7’6”. The shape of the bus however does slightly curve inward. At about 18” off the floor the width of the bus measures 7′. With this change in width there will be countless considerations and adjustments for plumpness of cabinets and framing. The livable length of this bus measures 12′ to the stairs.

The framework is 1 1/2” wide and thick, making a strong support for future cabinets. The framework for the ceiling is set on 2′ centers. The foam on the walls and ceiling is 1 1/2” thick and provide sufficient insulation.

After many weeks of rough blueprints, research, and torn up scrap ideas the final drawing had been designed….

The design allows for a full bathroom, 21 sq. ft., which includes a shower and standard RV toilet. The kitchen will be 5′ long on both sides of the bus, with cabinets 24” deep. This spacial design allows 3′ of walking room down the center “hallway”. There is room for a seating chair, wardrobe closet, drop down 4’x7′ bed, drop-down eating table, skylight, and storage closet for bedding.

Now that a design has been accepted and anticipated it is time to start framing the bus. This next post will explain in detail the framing of the bathroom wall, the framing of the metalwork, and laying the grounds for cabinetry.

The Beginning

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