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PNW Coast

dreams Rugged as the coast line


dreams Taller than the redwood trees Whistling wonders through whispering leaves

Home Sweet Colorado

Days off include 💗

The Zen of Relationships

Finding a balance is the key to living simply. I have always taken life as it comes, living freely, flowing with the present. I enjoy the freedom of spontaneity. The only importance being the here and now. Together, Greg and I provide the perfect…

Mystic Hot Springs

There are hidden worlds in everything. We open the doors, opening ourselves. To the beauty that sits quietly, vibrating loudly. We sink our weary limbs far beneath the surface. Of life. Of love. Of time. We fold gently like ripples, we quiver, we break….

Through Rose Colored Glasses

“Being a woman & being Colored is a metaphysical dilemma I haven’t conquered yet.” -Ntozake Shange (For Colored Girls)