Open Mic Night

Clip from Open Mic Night. Click Here to see full video of Phantom Kid & scroll down the tabs to check out other music!

Click Here for the full video of Drift!

Snowshoe adventure

Celebrating our love for each other & our love for Nature with a Snowshoe adventure through the wintry forest.

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Road Homes

For the last few years Tyema and I have been criss-crossing the United States, making uncountable laps through our Nation’s most breathtaking scenery.

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Little Ways We Help Our Environment

Simple ways we are helping the environment & ways YOU can also help the environment.

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Watering Plants

Tyema and I spent our holiday in our little apartment being creative with each other. As the whiskey and wine poured, the lyrics unraveled. We decided to share with you all our work in progress. Enjoy. (Full lyrics in link below)

More recorded music here

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