My Lady Love

I remember when I first laid eyes on you,

You were walking up the stairs into my show room.

I was standing behind the counter, enamored, slightly hammered,

handling business and glamor, But you distracted me.

I took a second look back to see. And I confess, with

instinct under distress, I was thinking of how to unravel the stitching of your dress.

I wanted to get next to you, steal a sniff of that sweet perfume.

Swoon, shape mood, and consume your every move.

I was a fucked up, vodka drunk, mixed up slut.

My thoughts deviated so much, stroking was never enough.

Toking 9/10ths the sun, choking vital vocals

Hoping this heart hoaxed would wither into stone.

I was angry, frustrated in my youthful sin

Couldn’t give a fuck if my lungs burst open, never drew breath again.

I shuttered when my spirits fluttered. Any utterance of love I cowered

and tumbled, tripped and stumbled. Crawling on knees troubled.

I could say that when I met you I was liberated, butterflies instantaneous,

Exasperated. Bound by mental fixation, trembling anxious.

True that it was I refused to jump the gun and became ruthless, numb.

Toothless scum. Choosing degradation, denying this infatuation.

But the truth is, the moment we met I knew right then and again

That this hearty would mend, that sleepless nights I would spend

Sifting thoughts, drifting off to your wondrous illuminating charm.

This is destiny, I’m blessed to be, benevolent through brevity.

Your patience isn’t wasted, I tasted the pain you encased in it.

I braced myself, anxious, blatantly remained nameless.

Blame myself for the way that its been, but I will never lose focus again.

Because you are the kind of lady that I would like to have my babies with.

Break down barriers that cage body to brain.

Exhale algorithmic pain, alchemistic rain. It’s an anomaly,

Arithmetically insane the way your eyes, hands, lips melt me over again.

When thoughts lead to you, I become lost for words.

Tongue twisted, expressions contorted.

Mad eye madman mechanically manic running through the absurd.

It used to leave me sick, bent and ill-witted.

But I saw a shift in the existence of the unspoken ritualistic visits.

70% of communication requires no vocality.

We save our esophagus for our bantering breaths.

Transcending human existence by cutting through the red tape

That swells and swallows membranes. Two cells

Magnetically fixed to find each other over and over again.

Run away? Never again. I will stand with you until the end.

Until this heart stops beating and seizes to be.

Until this brain starts bleeding and destroys my being.

Until these lungs burst open, ripping a shred in the universe

Causing a black hole, suffocating the Earth and Nebulas.

Our souls are fused, once lit we are the galaxies nemesis.

Infinitely intimate an imminent loss of innocence,

Her sibilance the simplest insulin for insolence.

Existential oblivion, heart feels real again.

reeling in, fleeting years lost in a million

Directions from infection, a virus detected

That caused convection, molecular intention.

Innate attention no more perplexing

Analytic mentions, just sustained affection

For the woman I selected, a beautiful redemption

A suitable essence. A magical nexus.

Ima stick around like a saline injection.

Ima make it work like Rihanna did for connection.

Ima show you love like I never did mention.

Your going to be the one, spawn next generation.

Never thought I’d live to feel this amazing;

Never thought you’d stay now my mind is racing.

Encased and laced in, the vows we’re taking.

The marriage we’re facing, a wondrous creation.

That past life we erased it. It was staged and painted.

Faked and shaded. Eliminate the heinous,

Thoughts made brainless, deranged and jaded.

Now we create our own world, get rid of frustration.

Water and fire, infinite cluster of desire.

Inspired higher by the acquired pyre.

Mix the elements, alchemist intent,

Our love like no other known substance.

We are the universe, we are ourselves,

Transcend within, let me remind you again.

Everything that I am, every atom and cell,

I’d tear it apart if it meant to live in your realm..


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