The idea of Aninruddah spawned in the eighth grade. I have always had a high regard for literature, and my english teacher gave me the push to put my thoughts into action. They began as short stories, essays and rants, cryptic poetry, and then, though time turned into this. Aninruddah has and always shall be the key; each and every door is obtainable, as long as I may have the courage to enter it.

Lost In Transit This song was the iconic character that changed my perception of how I should live my life. It was written during and just after my first trek with the bus across the states when I was 18 years old. This is when I realized the bus was my home, and life on the road needed to be a priority.

Here I Am, is the anticipation of another journey, the determination to fulfill the void that was ever-present. It is the simple understanding that without exploration and adventure, I am lost in the world.

On The Run was a special moment in my life when I was backpacking through the Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. It was a moment of pure bliss and a noticeable detriment of miscalculated reasoning. It was the beauty and shambles of a whimsical adventure.

Then, the anger unleashes. There is a fiery hell inside of the pit of my stomach, that overtime bawl up and I spew the venom in the direction it belongs. The political, societal, and economic structures of our world inhibit me on my quest for truth and understanding. I wish to help strengthen the sound of justice and peace in the police state.

Manifest Nation

This song is a straight-forward attack at the irony of the American democratic system. It exemplifies the similarities of kingship and our current state of affair; our transcendence into what we originally steered away from in the name of a free country. It explains the repeated lies and scandals that drew us into international battles, and the wit of the presidency.


I start this song with the notion that when I see injustice, I will do as I can to expose it. The basis of this song surrounds subjects of gender inequality, racial tension, political strangulation, and my frustration.


Autonomy is the essence of political corruption through stagnant greed. It is the basis that our government is owned, and even our elected representatives have not the power to control the motives of the real players.

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