The idea of Aninruddah spawned in the eighth grade. I have always had a high regard for literature, and my english teacher gave me the push to put my thoughts into action. They began as short stories, essays and rants, cryptic poetry, and then, though time turned into this…..

* Songs written below will be recorded and released 2019-2020 *


This is a new song about finding the strength to seek out truth of self, and in that realization an overwhelming sense of clarity pours through the mind and body. It also communicates how I felt that I had to banish the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the past that no longer serve my life for any good in order to reach this truth. No longer holding onto the past to determine my present state of mind.

At This Moment

Clearly a song written for Tyema. It is meant for her and many would not understand the dynamics of our social life which ultimately led to this. Friends and family alike have tried to pull our love down in many ways, but in the end, we always remain strong and true to each other. This is an affirmation to that.

Phantom Kid

Written about my constant and inexhaustible addiction for travel, adventure, excitement and worldly knowledge. The world is my home. It always has been. Also an understanding that in this way of life I am a Phantom to others. You may never see me again, and if you do, surely I will be a new man, for I am always growing and changing.

Inorganic Ways

Our selfish, egotistical lifestyle which continually disrupts the planet. Held down by our own greed and desire for materials. Losing touch with who and what we are to the Earth and how eventually Mother Nature will strike us down.


A song about my undeniable hatred toward politics, Donald Trump and the facade of democracy through capitalistic greed. Reaching through history to show how the political game has been corrupted for centuries. How the United States continually embarks in wars for profit.

Cosmic Thoughts

Thoughts that go beyond the scope of the breadth of our existence. Seeing our infinitely small world and how we are all stardust; moving parts throughout a cosmic realm we have no possibility to yet imagine. Coming to terms with that, finding beauty and meaning in life regardless of the fact that our lives are so minimal to space and time.

Against This World

My distaste toward religion and all those who cower under the veil of fallacy. How religion has destroyed more than it has ever aided. A vicious plot to pull resources from the weak, to gain trust for malice and disengage worldwide unity.


Understanding that I spent many years wallowing in darkness, forgetting that I was actually alive. Taking the time to cope with it, understand it, and then forget the past. Move forward in love, light and happiness.


A song about coming into our own. My contemplation of whether or not this world (society) will actually allow humanity to progress through the stagnant mindsets that have belittled and held down love of all kind. How knowledge is a pretext of false opinions that have constantly been upheld by ancestors who wronged us with their prudish morality.

Wild Love

Simply a fun summer song about love and travel. The need to explore, to live and let be. To remain in constant ecstasy through love. To not hold onto pain, to let it all go. Be free.


Exposing those who may listen to the horrid advancements in technology that have removed people from each other. Hiding behind cellphone lights. Clinging to social media. Brain dead to the world around them. Lost in cyberspace. Drifting endlessly in a stagnant state of delirium with a removed sense of focus toward anything real.

The World Is Ours

Another love song for Tyema. Simply, the world is at our feet and we have so much to live, see and do. A brief meeting that turned into a lifelong adventure together.

The Search

Incorporates many ideas and motifs associated with a previous story “The Tunnels Left Within” I have been writing for quite some time. The dark days of young and how I have turned those feelings into inspiration for a renewed sense of life.

Wicked Thoughts

All to do with our drug infested cities, towns and parks. The disgust and disease. How we are turning into zombies who have no regard to ourselves, our fellow people or our planet.

* All of these songs below were written and recorded between the ages of 17-21 (2009-2013) *

Lost In Transit

This song was the iconic character that changed my perception of how I should live my life. It was written during and just after my first trek with the bus across the states when I was 18 years old. This is when I realized the bus was my home, and life on the road needed to be a priority.

Here I Am

Is the anticipation of another journey, the determination to fulfill the void that was ever-present. It is the simple understanding that without exploration and adventure, I am lost in the world.

On The Run

Was a special moment in my life when I was backpacking through the Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. It was a moment of pure bliss and a noticeable detriment of miscalculated reasoning. It was the beauty and shambles of a whimsical adventure.

Manifest Nation

This song is a straight-forward attack at the irony of the American democratic system. It exemplifies the similarities of kingship and our current state of affair; our transgression into what we originally steered away from in the name of a free country. It explains the repeated lies and scandals that drew us into international battles, and the wit of the presidency under the Elastic Clauses.


I start this song with the notion that when I see injustice, I will do as I can to expose it. The basis of this song surrounds subjects of gender inequality, racial tension, political strangulation, and my frustration.


Autonomy is the essence of political corruption through stagnant greed. It is the basis that our government is owned, and even our elected representatives have not the power to control the motives of the real players.

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