Magnetic Pull

I started out a little bit ago on my own,

just to see the world and conquer life on the road.

And what I was told was I’d be destroying my soul

by denying the life that was mapped and sold.

Cardinal directions, maps and blessings,

end up in the beauty of the west’s intentions.

I left hence when, the sickness overwhelmed the henchmen.

But I’m back again to begin living with direction.

No plan necessary it destroys the extraordinary.

Move toward the warmth, explore the sorcery.

Images, reflections, digest the continent’s intestines.

Lovers and friends transcend the end of this nesting.

Again and again I keep on fast ascending,

reversing the blend that sounds individuals cowering.

An empowering endowment, astounded by the sound of.

My wheels spinning, the rumbling and twisting.

Blink and I’ll miss it, and never get it again.

Keep my eye lens open and capture this world until my end.

My only concern is seeing the world and what its’ worth.

Just give me a maps, the people you can have them back.

So if you are telling me that I’m running the what’s buried inside,

then you haven’t heard the message I’ve been delivering through time.

My mind is set to move forward and progress.

So if I tell you that you are running from the truth inside,

would you believe you are chasing your dreams tonight?

Your mind is set to always expect without respect.

Bless your mind with hope to transgress.

I’m so sick and tired of this wild entitlement.

It doesn’t make sense to the higher environment.

So how do we admire it and try to inspire it?

Learn the language of the Earth, speak a new dialect.

Let the wind become your breath and keep the sun on your soul.

So when you are approaching others they can feel the radiant glow.

It’s simple to do if the meaning is true,

become one with the Earth, never cease to pursue.

That’s why I take it to the next step, sustainable intellect.

Affection for perfection, the effects of no regret.

And yet there is no test, I fear for the rest.

That wonder in awe but never to transgress.

Hold up your heads, move forward and progress.

The stress may get the best of you but never dismantle you.

Handle your animalistic sense of intangibles.

I am thankful for these branded rules I placed to rule out you canibles.

Succulently feeding off the skin of your kin,

never giving in until you’ve finished draining them.

So when you are breaking them down, do you think of how you became bound,

by the surrounding currency that is destroying this town?

Oops, I’m doing it again, getting sentimental with sin.

The fundamental reason to begin meant to teach instead.

So dispose of your dead and never take refuge again,

begin a new chapter, sustainable until the end.

I aspire to inspire your wildest hopes, dreams,

and desires. To da douse the fire, but the flames

burn higher with desire. Your passion is the gas

that fuels the actions, happily ever after.

Its a catastrophe if your dreams don’t reach reality.

Pick a new strategy to achieve similarity.

The polarity of the poles is bipolar inanity.

Mechanically manic, the calamity of rhetoric.

So many facets I fast forward through this mental list.

Time after time I collapse, relapse into the nothingness.

Build again, begin to bask in front of it.

But I’m done with it, none of it, can sustain myself from punishment.


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