I’m Gone

(Verse Two)

They say that as time goes on the heart rebuilds, gets stronger.

Makes me wonder who’s the one to make you fall to.

Lost two and a half through the woes someone called to you.

Appalled at you, all of you, make me nauseous demon’s hostage.

To the gods above, Zeus if you strike again,

I don’t know if I can fend the storm Poseidon holds above my head.

The waves pound, distressed. Captain lose his first mate.

Rebuild from shattered timber, failure bitter. Try a taste.

I’m irate, blind faith. Took a leap, didn’t guide it straight.

But I don’t have time to waste, keep moving at my own pace.

No refrain, the things I’ve made. Embrace the taste of the solo grace.

But I’ve got to bring honesty, it take two to tango. Three to let go.

Shared my legos, turned my head and then, oh no!

Fire strike, get’s torn to the ground. Haunt me now, love lost not found.

Walk away, knowledge of the prowl. Prey and predator both die without,

pangs of hunger ow, aroused no doubt.

* I do not own the rights to the instrumental *

Magnetic Pull

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