House Bus

In 2008 Gregory Greenawalt purchased a 1996 E-350 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel 7.3 L handicap bus from his parents who previously owned it for a year, being their toolbox. Immediately he saw the potential of the awkward bus; he envisioned it as his home. Over the years he slowly turned the bus into a makeshift house, including an old, filthy couch, a dinet, desk, and sink with a bucket to catch the drainage.

He spent years living in and out of the bus. He traveled across the country, up through Canada, and all the way to the Florida Keys in this bus. Oh how he adored this bus. She was the ultimate dream. He realized then, looking back, that his dream was not matching up to the bus’ potentiality. On a whim he made a decision.

He grabbed a sledgehammer, wonder bar, hammer, and utility knife. He dropped the rear hatch, opened the windows and the front door, then stepped in. Within moments the sound of splintering wood and shattering fiberglass tore through the silent afternoon. He ripped the bus wide open, gutted her and exposed her skin to the sunlight once again. He picked up the debris and threw them into the garbage as he did with the negetivity of his past. A new day shall dawn, he thought, and I must rebuilt myself, as well as the bus, from the inside out.

And this is the start of something truly beautiful. A reformation of mind, body, metal, wood, grease, and a young man’s dream. In the upcoming series of pages I will show you what was done to create the home that my wife and I live in today.

The Idea

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