Homey Touches

After the bus has been completely renovated into the home that I have always dreamt, it is time to add the little touches that made a real home special.

To make sure that the cabinets wouldn’t open while driving down the road, I installed child safety locks in the interior of the cabinets. When driving, the cabinet doors can not open. They will only open by pushing up the tab up to unlock the door. To make sure that nothing would slip and slide around inside of thew cabinets, I cut up a vinyl wrap and laid them into each cabinet. This wrap clings to the surface of the cabinet, as well as whatever you place on top of it. Works pretty nicely!

Instead of having my cabinets filled to the brim with spices, rice, lentils and the sort,  used mason jars to fix them outside and under the upper cabinets. I took 1/4” tap screws and screwed the lids of all the mason jars I wished to use in a pattern under the cabinets. After the jars were filled, I can easily screw then onto the lids that are already fastened. This creates more space in the cabinets and allows better efficiency when cooking or using staple ingredients.

I added a bit of color to the bus, to brighten it up, on the interior bathroom door, garage door tracks and front dashboard. I painted the door burnt orange, as wheel as my driver’s door. I painted the garage doors and the dashboard plum purple.

I found a bit of extra carpet that Marty had lying around his garage and it suited perfectly. It was already cut to 2′ wide, and the length of the scrap piece was the length of the floor, I just had to cut on a 45 degree angle for the separation of hardwood and tile.

Becoming Home

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