Here I Am

Verse 2

I don’t plan on stopping, at all or standing still until I collapse and I fall.

The wall to wall world, spinning in circles, get me out, there’s a world that’s worth it.

Rather see it myself then stand distant, at ease. Let my dreams

beneath me sink. Believe me I think I can’t stand the monotony.

Day to day drives me insane, clowns moved in a synchronized pace.

Synchronized rhythm, the bottom of it is evil, extract the venom by removing the gene pool.

Ah people, don’t you see, our heart is in our energy,

Natural remedies Mother Nature conceived, birthing us animalistic means.

Test the rope but I do believe that my reach should never exceed my grasp.

Next mission, where do I go? One month was just not long enough.

I can’t get enough, what’s in store I got to live it up. Can’t bottle it up,

no much longer, its getting harder to wander a treadmill sombre.

It puts a hold and a weight on my chest, yes yes digest my distaste.

Motivation is a distant lesson, learned from my folks, who learned from their folks,

to take what you need and make with the rest. To appreciate the love that was always blessed.

Honestly, please believe, I won’t stand Idle, I’ve got a world to see!

Verse 4

Understand, concentrate. Explain the reasons for these feelings,

that are drifting me further away, from the family and friends that stuck to no end.

But I got to get out, test my strength. Life is, just what you make,

it, but it is, my sole reason for living.

Isn’t it the eye, of your dream, to step forward nd see to believe?

All it takes is a bit of humility, see the world in its’ powerful entitity.

As it takes ahold of your breath, squeeze the poison up and out your chest.

Things you miss will turn to regrets, ask the one’s who never left.

Evaporate into the ocean, where my heart is lost in motion,

such devotion, fly the coast and, make your move, evoke emotion.

Later date, mind engaged, acting, moving, see the waves.

Better days, hey thanks, gave me sight in a darker way.

If the case I’ll make arrangements to remain stable, maybe.

But when I’m back my eyes will shine with the gleaming knowledge so Devine.

Divide the factors that make us actors, eyes closed to the world in laughter.

Fine lines split the memory after, I digress can you fathom my character?

* I do not own the rights to the instrumentals, they are just to compliment the lyrics *

Dark Side

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