Footprints In The Forest

I began writing Footprints In The Forest in the winter of 2013, finishing it the following winter. Afterward I abandoned the project and forgot its’ existence, and didn’t even know there was any script of it left. I found it only a few months ago at my cousin’s house, a copy of which I gave him years ago. After seeing that it was still around I had an urge to relive the short novella. I got the text back on a word document and now sit reviewing it.

I think that the story itself, the general motif and theme are important enough to share with all of you here. This story engages the reader in a world not far into the future from now, overdramatizing (I hope) the plague mankind has reaped upon this Earth. The Earth and Mother Nature are personified throughout and the main character is an over saturated version of myself that I hoped to be if the situation escalated as such.

After reading through it, however, I am extremely hesitant to post it publicly too swiftly. It is heavily unedited. And through the years my style has changed so much that I find it difficult to revise without scraping half of it. I will start with one segment, and if the reader (you) are inclined to continue, I will do my best to publish the rest on here throughout the next year.

Thank you, and enjoy.

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