Instrumental: Ras G – “Juru”

We drift through this world at the edge of our existence,

Waiting for reprieve from that pent up resistance.

Gone the days mystic, celebrated instinct.

Living life of business, ice cold wristlets.

I could give a fuck about this fake wave of stimulus.

Infinitely indolent, imminent disinterest.

millennials came up, everything at they finger tip.

Swipe across life watch day turn to night.

No dreams in sight to take flight through this life.

Just bury inside the lies with the strife.

How do we sit back and watch the world grow sour?

knowledge is power but we cower by the hour.

The worms will eat us inside out, what’s left is soil now,

What is it we’re destroying now? Our resting place, the body count.

7 billion the current count, statistical anomaly.

How are we to keep the peace sustain ourselves from tragedy?

We won’t, we’ll die. We’ll suffer ourselves from our demise.

So idolize the intrinsic things that make you think it’s a catalyst.

Destroy continents abusing it, my god I’m losing it.

It’s humorous, this mindlessness, destructive forms of happiness.

I happen to have a habit of habitually having at it.

Watch the world reek Havoc crinkled cellophane static.

Cynical saints praying for ways to keep us tame,

Going insane iOS on the brain.

Cyber terrorists, how could we resist, when we sit amongst our peers

Watching YouTube flicks. The tricks they twist into the infinite abyss.

The wit is missed as we retreat into the mist

of lights, colors, pixelated shit.

Got the Echo as the AI, SkyNet on the way and I

Can’t compute the thought of artificial stimuli.

Siri tells me everything so I don’t have to think of it.

No room to contemplate your world or existence.

A couple more years and we’ll all be hopeless,

“What is a light switch?” your kids are fucking useless.

How do you think we will do this, if you cant see the proof in it?

So fucking stupid, you might as well stoop to it.

But wait, what happens when the grid goes down?

panic in the streets, Alexa is no where to be found.

Can’t stand the silence and the thoughts inside your head,

No selfies or filters time to wake up the dead.

Woah, you might have to look where you’re going,

Pick your head up and talk to strangers without showing,

Off your best face, hip and waist turned to create

A image of self-worth, confident in your fate.

Will you remember how to speak without sounding phony?

How to show sincerity and your feelings without emojis?

Don’t forget the grammar and your punctuation.

I’m so frustrated with this damnation.

One way ticket to the death of appreciation.

Alienation in this Alien Nation.


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