I feel just like I’m caving in,

all this stress, all this sin.

Weighing on me week to end,

and then again, when I end I send,

thoughts that I render, off to the end of,

time, but if I’d rewind I’d find.

A man left empty, broken inside.

Mortified from the fall of mankind.

Eye to eye with this nine to five.

I find it benign. Losing my mind.

The fact that I act, losing traction.

After the fact, reproach my actions.

And after I master the rapture of disaster,

I’ll have never after that fear of the matter.

Fear of falling, no tomorrow.

Don’t know if I’ve got what it takes to find my,

Inner self, my inner wealth.

My ambition amplified, destroying my health.

Being at ease isn’t easily seen.

I reach but I’m breached, so recently,

I believe that I breathe to conceive these

dreams that I preach. This demon in me

unleashed defeat. No peace, no relief.

Just attacking me incessantly.

Where’s the key that has chained my feet

and brought me down upon my knees?

So please, please, someone help me

because I’m feeling so fucking lonely.

It is only me, I can only be,

as strong as my heart will allow me to be.

So reach for the stars so when I fall,

I land on a cloud, unharmed.

But the harm in my heart is the start of the fall,

and I crumble so fast that I lose sight of it all.

So what do I call it and how do I resolve and calm it?

Life just started but it feels like death is calling,

me again. Its ringing to no end.

Just leave another message so I can delete it again.

Because this world that we’re living in is full of sin.

Full of destruction I don’t know how to defend.

So how can I pretend the world is heaven sent?

Full of limits, men setting precedents.

Evidently they left evidence, no belief in its’ prevalence.

Because human beings I find worst of the species.

God damnit, oh so deceiving.

In search of self-gain, corrupt and misleading.

Murdering each other, extortion and bleeding,

dry, resources and habitats for living creatures.

I don’t mean to be preachy but I just can’t conceive

the idea of a higher power overseeing,

the Earth and human beings. Besides the point

we don’t deserve any rescuing, helping ourselves

to a buffet without replenishing. It menacing,

underestimate Mother Nature, regret it heavily.

Because she’s got something we don’t, longevity.

Do you understand what I’m getting? Stop pretending

that the human begins are the top of the species.

Because I find it deceiving, a lack of reason.

A lack of insight, blindly believing.

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