Dark Side

Broke the notion of contextual devotion.

Dosed the motion, thought unveils commotion.

Role of culture, a premeditated potion.

Road of vulture knows little of precaution.

Seek the death of the weakest encroachment.

Reach the depth of humanity’s endorsement.

Linguistic catechism, a match for enforcement.

Ah, the Sapir-Wharf hypothesis.

So what does it all mean, you say you don’t understand me?

Well I can be the problem, won’t bottle your words, dissolve them.

the product released in the doldrums. Nobody can see the cause of,

Follow your word engulfed in the death of my world.

Nauseous. Lost in all of it, Watch your eyes, I’m not buying it.

Try to find my pride why hide what I feel inside?

That’s why I comprise a prize that will make you smile,

You fool, i’ll never lose, pull through and live true.

* I do not own the rights to the instrumentals, they are just to compliment the lyrics *


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