Welcome to our blog!

We are Gregory and Tyema, a traveling couple who believe in living simply. We are fully committed to exploring Nature’s wonders across the globe. To us, living truly means completely immersing ourselves in love, opening our minds to new experiences, freeing our thoughts from negativity and focusing on the now rather than the brevity of life.

Over the last two and a half years we have driven a hundred thousand miles back and forth across the United States. Endlessly seeking out National Parks and Monuments, in search of the raw beauty of these lands. Over seventy National parks and monuments and two beaten down trucks later, we are still at it. From sleeping in the back of our trucks, to tents and campers, we have managed to live simply and wondrously through our inspirations.

On our journey together we continuously learn the importance of spending our time doing what we love because in the end it is all that matters. Our promise together is a life dedicated to exploring new places, immersing ourselves in many cultures, meeting people and sharing lessons as well as cherishing the earths numerous splendors. We feel now more than ever the pull of the wind beckoning, the world calling us.

Tyema – I love living each day as it comes, wildly and full of laughter. I am an artist and a poet, moved by everything romantic. Nature speaks to me spiritually, whether it is the way the sun rises, highlighting different features of a landscape or the simplicity of trees reflecting off of a lake. There are so many lessons to be learned and our Earth is the greatest teacher. Take a walk on the wild side, find your inner peace.🌼

Gregory – Through Nature and love I am inspired everyday to challenge my perspectives of this life and continue to grow into a better being. I focus and channel my creativity into writing, poetry (spoken word), and building. I am constantly adapting to this ever changing environment and find my peace and pleasure in the simplistic attributes that make us all connected through this world and beyond.