Chapter Twelve

The power of three brings us here today. Her for herself, I for myself, us for each other. It is a natural law for romantic equilibrium. Just as Abbot supposed in analogy the possibility of three to the fourth power, I second it in this moment. For as I have realized, through rigorous adaptation and renewed mental and emotional clarity, that this phenomenon is true. Be it may that he thought not of the fourth as temporal, in all sense of analogy, cubes to the fourth, generate something so sublime. I now see my insides laid open in front of me, I see hers as well. Made up of an infinity of spheres spread open to map anatomy. Two hearts, four lungs, constantly beating and rhythmically taking oxygen, displacing blood, vitality in each second.

And in every facet of the idea, yes I see the fourth. I have said it all along this passage, have made multiple allusions pointing toward it, yet only inferred the reality of it. Never before had I the breadth of understanding how it could be measured in my own one second world. I feel it with every touch. I taste it with every breath. I acknowledge now, as I have never done before, the presence of a higher being. Not a being at all remotely, but a cumulation of all matter in the world.

Before taking the knee I had dreamt it, had seen it in visions. The concept was vague yet unilaterally understood as a sacred phenomenon. Together we have shared a pair of our electrons equally, combining together to create a non-polar covalent bond. An intensely strong bond that requires a significant, if not extraordinary attempt to separate. Like splitting the atom, separation may become volatile, nuclear. Our bond so important to biology we create oxygen and living cells. And that oxygen, spread out across the midnight sky, illuminating hues so magnificent, so illustrious, so incredible.

Moments after we bonded, the Earth delighted our eyes with its’ electrical phenomenon. We stood at the very edges of land, just above the drowning rock. The Norwegian Sea lay still, calm and patient. Reflecting lights from the harbor streaked out across the flat, lapping sea. As we stared out in silence above us the dark Arctic sky unveiled its’ colors. Mother Earth consented our engagement with her own immaculate display. We produced the Oxygen, the green gases, and she let the electrically charged sun particles to penetrate through her skies, and reflect down upon us.

Our love danced in the sky. This was beyond flowing, beyond flame, beyond steam. This was something more spectacular than any form the Mother has shown us thus far. Beyond infinity. Beyond our imagination. Through love the Earth rejoices, cries, nourishes, delights, intrigues, enraptures.

Wherever we go from here, we walk in love, bonded together through this life and the next. Our souls constantly quenching the other, forever we choose to remain as one, or more respectively as three, in the essence of four. No longer are we bound tightly to the insignificant, insoluble, brackish world of the one. We transcend higher together than the populace may fabricate. Through love, through light, through the willingness to flow. Willingness to be, to simply breathe and let live.

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