Chapter Nine

Sixty-one percent Oxygen. Twenty-three percent Hydrogen. Ten percent Carbon. Only three, but the most vital components required for the chemical makeup of the human body. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon. When we break down the elements of fire, water, and air ever so surely we can grasp the likeness to ourselves. All require the same elements. The ratio skewed and arranged differently but we are all composed of the same matter. All have the same innate desire to be, to flow, to consume, to move. All this energy rotating continuously round the Earth. Intermixed particles of stardust fighting for one multi-universal, multi-dimensional existence. Hapless reasoning fruitless; what it is is what it is. The covalently bonded atoms do not ask why, or how, they just accept each other for what they are. Constantly merging together, splitting apart to multiply. Its what we do. It is what all things do. To measure our worth on Earth is an event undignified, unrewarded and blatantly disjointed.

Peace comes when definitions are not found, when measurements are beyond our perspective. Enter the matrix of developmental antagonization. The pragmatist relishes when infinity is certain. Infinite worlds, infinite attitudes, infinite infinities. The adolescent struggle between adult rearing and a seemingly slipping childhood is possibly the most sacred and infinitely important transitions in human life. Through all education and guided mannerisms, memorized, practiced and rehearsed, the fate of the world ultimately lies in their hands. Which path to choose can be a frighteningly twisted ordeal; it can torment every structural foundation of human morale built on the pedestal of self worth. Mistakenly guided or deliberate rebellion can often force those adolescents down a path unjust or otherwise unfounded.

The anomalies recognize the infinite. They harbor a power beyond all. They can see the world engulfed in the rapture of civilization, they can mute the chaos of distraction and set apart the relevancies of today. When all the infinities of the world fold into reduction the three basic elements of the world emerge once again. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon.

She taught me how to reduce my jaded thoughts. She taught me how to find strength through the now. I breathe in oxygen, I bathe in water, I stand upon fossilized carbon. Simple. So quickly the brain used to tenaciously torment through tainted sedition, turning every sacred subtlety into overwhelming distraction. Through love I have found what I have lost since adolescence. Peace. So quick I was to grow up and become serious. A forced proliferation that enhanced abnegation. Love makes everything simple again. Love, the sorceress of our world, cast a lifelong spell over me. I am forever indebted to the sweet plucking of heartstrings. Whether in time they may rust, age, uncoil and break; they will forever be the melody of my youth. A spellbound odyssey like Beethoven and Mozart, constant rhythm, desire, in touch with a world I couldn’t touch.

Of all the senses man has been given, nothing stands more ground than that of touch, or feeling. Raw emotion takes the deck. I have found that my sight and hearing have dwindled. Waxed and waned by time I thought. Until I really thought, then I understood. As the Darwinian approach settles in on all life, I too have adapted to my surroundings. Of all the beauties in the world, there is but one to me that stands above the rest. Of all the scents in the world, there is but one that tickles the nose in sweet delight. It is her, my queen. The energy swirling through my veins took ahold of the most notorious sensation and muted out the rest, so that I could feel everything. The power is beyond touch and emotion. Through emotion I see the intricate, breathtakingly harmonious world in Nature with no eyes needed. I feel the trees, the Earth, the wind, the water and the wild. I hear in thought. I hear through silence. I become something more than human, different than animal. I become what I was meant to be. A lover. A dreamer. An anticipator of emotion. An infinite being bound together by the sum total of measurable amounts of molecular chemicals. Break it all down and begin stacking it back together; Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon. A little touch of love and then sprinkle in nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. A periodic pendulum of all life. Now we truly are universal.

Chapter Ten

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