Chapter Eight

Just before we approached town we both fell into each other; a fiery ball of passion dunked into a plentifully pool of love. While scrambling over each other something happened. Steam rose off her shoulders, off of mine as well. We sat in the dammed up pool by the bridge, watching as our forms were taken by the world. Sulphur in the air, thick clouds of sulphur. The water began to boil beneath us. Hand in hand, eyes locked onto each other the bubbling, boiling water took us with it.

It was the convergence of fire and water. Mother Nature introduced us at last to the holy grail of love. Deep in the depths of Earth molten magma seethed in between layers of bedrock. The dripping pools of our cavernous tunnels merged into one, flowing downward. Our love reached the heart of the Earth, her passionate, fiery core. Unbeknown to our parallel world, as we fought amongst ourselves as fire and water, our past and future thoughts began to boil underground. Our cavernous pools of water boiled upon approach and then began to steadily rise through cracks in the Earth’s layers. Rising, rising until it sprang through the San Juan transcending the elements, creating hot springs of limitless love.

When the town became aware of our love and the creation it spawned, they tried in vain to measure it, as do all human counterparts. Their tapes extended; they never reached bottom. Our love has no limits. Twenty five hundred feet and steadily descending. Our love is famed as the deepest in the world. Every year countless folks from all around the country travel here to soak in our love. They say that it is healing, soothing to the muscles, mind and spirit. Soaking in our love they release their toxicity and pain. Mother Nature blessing those who soak with the prospect of boundless relaxation and everlasting love.

When we first became a boiling hot spring of love we had no idea what it would mean to the world. At first we just breathed it in, while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Even our breath started to steam. Our lungs softened and in a moment we were gone. The bridge faded from sight; clouds in our eyes. No, we became the cloud. Rising above the river, twisting in and out of each other. Our forms vanished, just our spirits remained. Thickening, changing constantly. We became a free floating organism of pureness. Neither of us expected anything like this. We were never taught this kind of love. I don’t believe many have ever experienced this type of love. Unbounded love. Love so sure that it can transcend the human form and take on any shape. We became the alchemists of life.

Neither were we afraid of what may come. We thought not about anything except everything. All life and all the world interconnected into a gaseous phenomenon. As we looked down upon the world we could see the elements of humankind, moving across the stretches of surveyed land, documented parcels measured by insignificant tools. Bound by street signs, concrete sidewalks and grounded asphalt. Oppressed by gravity, by the naivety of promise.

Our current state of transition was meditative, contemplative. We could see beyond the curtain vail of stagnant reality. Empathy however never entered our thoughts. Simply spectators of the world, viewing without analyzing. We felt no remorse for the helpless. No triumph and no egotism. We simply just were. Our love so powerful that it allowed no room for lackluster emotion.

Sifting through the landscape we swirled around a mountain. In a moment we both knew what it was, and smirked with an adolescent ease. It was all so very simple. We looked down upon our home while floating effortlessly above. We saw our hard work to tame the landscape. Our feeble attempt to control the natural elements. We watched as the deer returned to their salt lick, mindfully remaining true to their circle of life. Every other day eating dinner at our estate. We tried so hard to assure them of their welcomeness while building. We would remain silent and watch them with the upmost respect. They never came the next day, always the day after next. An innate internal clock.

We carried on in the clouds for quite some time, blinded by nothing, except everything that was human. The Earth rewarded us for unequivocal love, but to what extent were our limitations? Two separate, entirely different elements merged together against all odds, bounded further and merged into one infinitely inseparable element. No longer steam we became the air, the wind with each passing swirl. Over an incalculable time our lightness transcended the brevity of being human.

Our minute individualities were stripped like torn and tattered garments. Naked as we came we mixed and filtered our preconceived assumptions of the world in the wind becoming free from ourselves. But ourselves were what assuredly brought attraction. Attraction cannot forge without dominating instinct. We were, after all, human. Our attraction went much further than the need for procreation. It went further than the desire for stability and comfort. It was our humanity that brought us love. It was our humanity that helped us understand and appreciate our differences.

Our humanity is what brought us down from the clouds, in desperate search for individuality. We had become so accustomed to our oneness, our third selves, that we momentarily entirely forgot our own sacred element. We didn’t descend in haste, no it was a smoothly guided transition back into ourselves. She raged in fiery delight; I flowed with diligent vigor. Not for one moment did we not think about the other; we joined in unison while exploring our own captivation.

We learned a valuable lesson when we took back our shapeshifting identities. We now understood that Nature had procured us from its’ form, nestled us on this Earth to take our individual element and expand upon it. Nature also showed us that we could defy rationality by refusing abstention simply because one and two don’t mix in the eye of the layman. It showed us that we could strip egotism and bigotry by merging two separate elements into one eccentric form. Most of all, Nature taught us that we could be all of these things. That we could continually merge from fire, to water, to steam and air. That there is no ritual, no designation to our lives. We were, once we realized this, free from everything that grounded us to this world. Through determined love and baffling mindset we are, as we have always intended, of Nature, Earth and Universe, so much more than a speck in the blip of mankind.

Chapter Nine

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