Pawns in a game of chess, Rockefeller holds the bets.

U.S. in debt, the citizens in distress.

Right of the hand a mess, blood on their hands to impress.

If you’re not the elite you’re dead. It’s better to breath instead.

Jackson the shepherd with judiciary acts,

backed up by the armies impact.

You better believe exact, the government isn’t intact.

Falsely under attack, suspicion leads to the Patriot Act.

Woodrow made it possible for the Federal Reserve,

It’s the death of the world, New World Order is absurd.

Rockefeller bored, watch world war form.

Its a nautical force to make the population torn.

I want to scream hypocrisy, The United States has got to be,

possibly and audibly the worst to achieve autonomy.

Terroristic bullshit, I’m sick of extortion,

wars in alchemy, I’m here to expose the fallacy.

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