An Untamed Wilderness

Welcome to our home. We live in an amazing place in the world that truly exemplifies our spirit. We live amongst the tall, towering ponderosa pines, the twisted junipers, the bushy cedars and lively piñon. Our neighbors are the black bear, the mule deer, occasional turkey, mountain lion and magpie. Home to the most snowfall in Colorado, home to the deepest hot springs in the world, home to the largest wilderness area in the state of Colorado.

This is a land for the inspired and imaginative soul. A place for solace, seclusion and self-reliance. When one decides to live here, to make roots for a home and life, one choses to live amongst the raw beauty of Nature. Canceling it out is impossible, taming it is impossible, knowing it is impossible. One chooses to accept and acknowledge ignorance; to secure profit is to educate oneself through rigorous adaptation. One must also remember that when time is up, Nature will quickly dismantle and rebuild her wilderness in the blink of an eye. Out here we were visitors attempting to wage alchemy while building homes of comfort.

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