A Little Bit Of Privacy

Material List:

– (1) 24” interior masonite door

– (1) door jamb assembly

– (1) door knob, locking set

– (1) bag of shims

– (12) 2” torque screws

– (1) tube construction adhesive

– (3) pieces of door case molding

– (3) 3” brass door hinges

– (5) 8′ long pieces of tongue and groove

– (1) box of 1 1/2” staples for air stapler

Tool List:

– table saw, circular saw, miter box

– tape measure, pencil, utility knife, sharp chisel

– cordless drill and accessories

– air compressor, staple gun

Once the floor has been installed I can now cut the door jamb to its proper size and begin installing the door. The height of my bathroom door is 6’2”. The door jams were cut, and installed with 2” torque screws. I then laid the door on the sawhorse and began to measure the door. The door is standard size, 6’7”. I had to take 5” off the door. I measured 2  1/2” up from the bottom and 2  1/2” from the top down. With the framing square I made neat lines and cut the door down with the circular saw.

After bringing the door inside the bus, I set it up inside of the doorway. I placed 1/2” blocks up the door to raise it off the floor, so that it would have no drag when opening and closing. The bottom and top hinges were set 6” from top and bottom, and the middle hinge directly in the middle. Once the door was hinged onto the door jamb I can reset the door with blocking. This took a bit of time to do, packing out the door jams with shims. Once the shims were placed properly the door can now swing open and shut with no gaping views top to bottom.

The door knob hole had already been cut out on the door before but I still had to cut out the door jamb for the loving mechanism. I set he door knob in place and with the pencil marked the hole for the latch. With a 1/2” drill bit I cut out the center hole for the latch and then marked the lines on the door jamb for the metal latch catch. With the chisel I slowly carved out around the edge of the plat about 1/8”. After this was done, the striker, catch, and lock mechanism were screwed into place.

Once I completed hanging the door, I finished off the tongue and groove on the bathroom partition wall. Most of the cuts were simple straight cuts on the miter box.  The last step is to cover the door jam with the case molding. I cut the two sides on a 45 degree angle at 6’2”.  Lastly I cut the top piece to match the sides. I used my staple gun to attach the door case molding to the tongue and groove.


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