Living For Every Moment

As the 40 hour week retreats we emerge alive and free.

Ready to stomp our feet. Eager for our meditative, sweet relief.

We take a drive, 3000’ feet below to sip our wine,

Dine, sushi cravings on the mind. Hotel nights, movies and unwind.

The sun slowly peeks its head over monumental mountains.

A harmonious array of life through colors drape the frozen morning.

Steam to ice, a rainbow display of delight.

We have found the eternal youth fountain.

Suiting up for 10 below. And then I go, to the top, alone.

Still. Quiet. Fresh tracks to carve the snow.

Taking the green, sliding from peak to peak.

Nowhere else but home do I feel this peace.

Bones chilled and chattering teeth, I retreat.

Home we strip down, swimming suits and bare feet.

A short drive through pines, sage and slush

To arrive at Sulphur, thermal baths a must.

Dripping like stalactites, icicles dangle next to a trickling waterfall.

Pale pigmented blue water, steam roiling, soaking in awe.

In the spirit of the Earth’s core we find where we belong

The eagle, coyote and moose all share with us their song.

Snowy days and fiery nights keep us alive.

Tucked inside the wavering shadows of sloping, towering mountains.

By night camouflaged in seductive warmth.

Propane embers lick reflections off white painted drywall.

Caught inside a lullaby, cradled in love and light.

Wherever we roam, we find home.

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